Specializing in good producing dark brown, blue/green, AND olive egg layers
 with excellent meat bird qualities and good temperaments. We raise for sale hatching eggs, chicks, chickens, hens, pullets and roosters.


NEW FOR 2013: I have expanded the flock to include a few Easter Egger hens and roosters and a black copper Marans rooster as well as a few Marans hens. I still have my Welsummer hens, but their offspring will be hybridized with Easter Egger roosters or the black copper Marans rooster to improve vigor - and the Easter Egger X Welsummer crosses will produce OLIVE EGGS!

Please email chickens@sizerfarm.com or call 540-864-5340 to reserve your eggs or chicks!! 

The Sizer Family Farm
State Route 42
New Castle, Virginia 24127


Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs are currently for sale. Welsummers will be crossed with either Easter Egger or the black copper Marans, the Welsummer x Easter Egger cross will produce hens who will lay olive eggs, and the Welsummer x Marans will produce extremely dark speckled eggs. If you would like to have a few Easter Egger eggs, they will be crossed with either an Easter Egger rooster or my black copper Marans rooster, so they will produce either a greenish/blue egg, or an olive egg. A veritable rainbow of color!
The eggs you will receive have NOT been washed or sanded which will reduce hatch rate.  They are fresh and were laid no more than five days before day of shipping.  I ship FedEx or USPS Priority Mail to ensure quick delivery of your eggs. Shipping regionally, eggs arrive the next day. Shipping to the west coast takes about four business days.   In addition, I try my hardest to only give you the darkest eggs from my hens or at least a medium reddish brown.  Many of them are beautifully speckled too.  It just depends on which eggs end up having poop on them (you don't get those).  I store my eggs in cartons and rock the cartons once a day to ensure the embryo will not stick to the shell.  They're kept in a cool room, never refrigerated (also will affect hatch rate).  I pick out eggs that are not too big and not too small which is also important for good hatchings

Eggs are either individually wrapped in small bubble wrap and put in cartons with a couple layers of big bubble wrapped on the outside OR they are put in special foam egg shippers. 

Local pickup is also available and I might can even drive partially to meet you if you are on my way somewhere.

PLEASE NOTE:  Your hatch rate might not be great due to the stress of being shipped and the cold winter - 50-80% is average. 


PER DOZEN PLUS A FEW EXTRAS - $25. ONE DOZEN MINIMUM. Discount on quantities of 2+ dozen.

Email me at chickens@sizerfarm.com and let me know how many eggs you want and I will send you a Paypal invoice for payment.

Laying Hens

None at this time.


None available.


I have eggs in the incubator due to hatch March 23, 2013 and March 30, 2013. Call or email to reserve!

Our Welsummer hens are a special mixture of a few different heavy brown-egg breeds but they are primarily Welsummer with a little bit of Black Penedecenca and Cucoo Marans. Many of our hens have pink legs which hearken back to our well-bred cuckoo Marans influence.  After seeing the color of the eggs our current pullets are laying, we think we have reached the pinnacle of our breeding program as far as egg coloration goes.  The only improvement I am currently looking for is a little more growth in the eating roosters and slightly better laying ability in the winter. Below I have pictures of the eggs I am currently getting from these Welsummers. You will be able to expect even darker, prettier eggs from the Welsummer x Marans cross.

If you don't want to brood your own chicks, I would suggest purchasing four week old started chicks. They can be shipped but they must go USPS Express mail and shipping/handling is extimated at $50 per small box which will hold maybe 3-5 and $75 per large box which would hold about 8.

Prices are indicated below:

$2.50 each, straight run only (about 50/50 hens and roosters)        $5.00 each    
       $10.00 & up each